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Our Approach

Anderson Overland Podcast is an authentic, non-commercialized overlanding podcast spoken by a real overlander and outdoorsman! Authentic guest interviews from some of the great names in overlanding and offroading, product experiences, trail stories, camping tips, and lessons learned from our years of Overlanding experience and trail guiding!

We are here to encourage, motivate, and assist those seeking to be adventurous! We strive to be an inspiration to the 4x4'ing and adventurer community by sharing wonderful experiences we have out on the open road! Our goal is to also provide unbiased opinions about products we use on a regular basis whether it be for dispersed camping or just trail riding.

Our Story

The Anderson family is Joey Anderson, Robyn Anderson, Jetta Anderson, and Luna Anderson (the puppy). The great career Joey has been blessed with allows us to spend 4 days off each week to spend out in the wild enjoying the lovely creations God has given us! We are a simple family with no huge corporate budgets or egos who strive to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible! We love 4x4'ing, snowboarding, hiking, mine exploring, dispersed camping, and most of all anything to do with the outdoors! We hope that this website will inspire others to do the same!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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