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  • How do I go on a trip with Anderson Overland?
    All you need to do is contact us. We are a chill family and love to meet new people. However, we throughly screen each person or group we take out to insure the utmost safety for our family and our fellow overlanders. We DO NOT tolerate partiers, drug users, or any weirdos. Period.
  • Do you give out trails or secret camping locations?
    We absolutely give out trails and maps to people we feel will respect these areas as we do. All you need to do is ask and provide us with your plans for the area and we will try to accomodate.
  • How do you go out on the road so much?
    Joey is a career firefighter and his schedule allows us to travel alot during the off seasons (none brush fire seasons). He will usually save up all his vacation time or do alot of trades to insure we can be out alot more than the typical weekend warrior.
  • Where is home base?
    We currently reside in Big Bear Lake, California, but come September of 2019, we will be living between Big Bear Lake, CA. and Mohave Valley, AZ.
  • Do you have any sponsors?
    We currently represent Rigid Industries as a product ambassador. We support many other brands that we believe in and use on the trail. You can see our list of trusted companies on our "Gear We Use and Trust" page.
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